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Countywide Insurance

Countywide Insurance Agency (CWIA) is locally-owned and operated and has delivered insurance and risk management solutions for more than 60 years! We offer a wide variety of personal and commercial insurance packages and can meet almost any asset-protection and financial security need. Our specialties include home and auto insurance, as well as small business and real estate operation insurance.  


As an independent agency we work with a wide variety of insurance carriers who help us provide diverse and adaptable coverage options to our clients. We bring these coverages together into comprehensive and cost-effective plans that  fit our clients’ needs.  We examine these plans regularly to ensure that our coverages still fit your needs and provide the greatest value. 


We identify discounts, benefits, and other advantages that help clients save and we work consistently to control risk. If a risk ever becomes a reality and a claim is filed, we will resolve the claim quickly and efficiently. Over time, we educate you on your policy and any details that help you make the best decisions regarding changes to this policy. This enables you to get the most from your insurance.


We’re committed to developing and nurturing long-term relationships with clients, which make delivering the best products and services possible. Please contact us to speak with an agent or request a quote if you would like to get started on a policy. 


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Countywide Insurance Agency

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